Practice Areas

Civil Litigation and Business

We understand how daunting it can seem when you are faced with a lawsuit against you or are contemplating filing a lawsuit yourself.  We are here to answer legal questions, help you decide if a lawsuit is the right direction for you or your business and to take the pressure off of your shoulders by researching, preparing and filing documents and appearing before the Judge on your behalf.  If a lawsuit is not in your best interest we help amend contracts and work with the other side.

Real Property

  Everyone wants it, wants to acquire more, or needs help managing what they own. No one can predict the issues that arise with contracts, sales, title, development, easements, liens, tenants, landlords and financing various parcels of real property.  With more than 34 years of practicing real property law in California and studying the changes in California Property Law we will help you navigate the system whether it’s a commercial, industrial or residential property set of issues. 

Estate Planning and Probate Law

There is seldom a harder time in life than when looking at your own mortality and deciding who you should leave your earthly belongings to and who will be the one that you trust with that responsibility.  We will walk you through the tough questions, arrange meetings, prepare Wills and Trusts and have an in-house notary for all of your notarization needs.